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Buffalo Slot Review: Aristocrat's Classic Casino Game

Aristocrat's Buffalo slot machine is a classic 5-reel game with a myriad of interesting mechanics, including free spins, scatter symbols, and a wild symbol. This game, with its captivating wild animal theme, has been a popular choice among players for more than a decade, providing an entertaining and potentially rewarding experience. So, what makes this slot stand out among the competition?

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the various aspects of the Buffalo slot, such as its gameplay, unique features, and winning strategies. We will also discuss tips on how to play the game for free and for real money, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about this iconic slot machine. Are you ready to discover the secrets of the Buffalo slot and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot?

Buffalo Slot: Game Features and Mechanics

The Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat offers players an engaging and dynamic gaming experience with various features and mechanics that contribute to its popularity among casino enthusiasts. In this section, we will delve into the key aspects of the Buffalo slot game, helping you understand the mechanics and what to expect when playing the game.

One of the standout features of Buffalo slot is its Reel Power system, which provides players with numerous ways to win. With a 5x4 reel layout and 50 paylines, this system allows for 1,024 winning combinations, enhancing the chances of landing a winning spin. Additionally, the game's high volatility ensures that although wins may be less frequent, the potential for larger payouts is increased.

Buffalo slot also includes a variety of special symbols that can significantly impact gameplay. The Wild Symbol, represented by the sunset icon, can substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter to complete winning combinations. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, can trigger the free spins bonus round, which can award up to 20 free spins depending on the number of Scatters landed.

Another exciting aspect of Buffalo slot is its Gamble Feature, which allows players to potentially multiply their winnings by correctly choosing a card's color or suit. This feature is best used for smaller wins, as it can increase the risk of losing the entire amount if not successful.

Here is a summary table of the key features and mechanics of the Buffalo slot game:

Feature/MechanicDescriptionReel Power5x4 reel layout, 50 paylines, 1,024 winning combinationsVolatilityHighWild SymbolSunset icon, substitutes for all symbols except ScatterScatter SymbolTriggers free spins bonus roundFree SpinsUp to 20 free spins can be awardedGamble FeatureMultiply winnings by choosing the correct card color or suitRTP94.85%

By understanding the features and mechanics of the Buffalo slot game, you can enhance your overall gaming experience and potentially increase your chances of winning. With its captivating theme, various bonus features, and exciting gameplay, Buffalo slot remains a popular choice among casino players worldwide.

Buffalo Slot: Free Spins & Bonus Features

Bonus Game Overview in Buffalo Slot Machine

The bonus game in Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat is an exciting feature that can potentially lead to big wins and an engaging gameplay experience. In this section, we will provide a detailed overview of how the bonus game works, how to reach it, and what players can expect from it.

The bonus game in Buffalo slot is primarily centered around the free spins feature, which is triggered by the scatter symbol, represented by the gold coin. The number of scatter symbols you land determines the number of free spins you receive:

  • 2x scatter symbols = 8 free spins
  • 4x scatter symbols = 15 free spins
  • 5x scatter symbols = 20 free spins

To reach the bonus game, players should aim to land three or more scatter symbols on the reels during the base game. The more scatter symbols you land, the more free spins you will be awarded, increasing your chances of winning big.

During the free spins bonus game, the wild symbol, represented by the sunset, plays a crucial role in increasing your winnings. The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol except the scatter symbol and appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4. When a wild symbol appears during the free spins, it can multiply your win by 2x or 3x, depending on the reel it lands on.

Another exciting aspect of the bonus game is that it can be re-triggered during the free spins. If you land two or more scatter symbols during the free spins, you will receive additional free spins, as follows:

  • 2x scatter symbols = 5 extra free spins
  • 3x scatter symbols = 8 extra free spins
  • 4x scatter symbols = 15 extra free spins
  • 5x scatter symbols = 20 extra free spins

This re-triggering feature can potentially lead to a series of consecutive wins and a significant boost to your total winnings. However, it's essential to keep in mind that the bonus game is entirely based on luck, and there's no guaranteed strategy to trigger it frequently.

In summary, the bonus game in Buffalo slot machine offers players an engaging and potentially rewarding experience through its free spins feature, wild symbol multipliers, and the ability to re-trigger free spins. By landing three or more scatter symbols during the base game, players can unlock the bonus game and increase their chances of winning big.

Buffalo Slot: Expert Tips & Tricks to Win Big

To enhance your enjoyment of the Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat, consider implementing the following tips and tricks:

  • Play the demo version first: Before investing real money, try the free Buffalo slot no download version to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and features. This will help you understand the gameplay and make informed decisions when playing for real money.
  • Set a budget and stick to it: Decide on a budget for your gaming session and stick to it. Buffalo slot offers a minimum bet of 0.4 and a maximum bet of 1200, so choose a betting amount that suits your financial limits.
  • Take advantage of the free spins: Buffalo slot offers free spins through its scatter coin mechanism. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and make the most of them to potentially increase your winnings.
  • Use the gamble feature wisely: While the gamble feature can potentially double or quadruple your winnings, it's important to use it judiciously. Consider using it only for small winnings, as it's less risky.
  • Explore similar games: If you enjoy playing Buffalo slot, consider trying other Aristocrat titles with similar themes, such as Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Thunder, Bullseye, Legend of the White Buffalo, and Rivers of Buffalo. These games are available on FreeslotsHUB and offer modern pokie machine mechanisms for a fresh gaming experience.
  • Play on your preferred device: Buffalo slot is available on various devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers. Enjoy the game on your preferred device for the most enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Read the help section: If you ever have doubts or questions about the game mechanics, paytables, or features, consult the detailed help section within the game. This will provide you with valuable information and clarify any misunderstandings.

Remember to always play responsibly and have fun while enjoying the exciting gameplay of Buffalo slot machine!

Buffalo Slot: Conclusion

In conclusion, Aristocrat's Buffalo slot machine is a classic and engaging game that offers a wide range of features and bonuses for players to enjoy. With its wild animal theme, retro graphics, and colorful symbols, the game appeals to a broad audience of players who appreciate a traditional slot experience with a modern twist.

Some of the key features of the Buffalo slot machine include its free spins bonus, which can be triggered by 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, offering 8, 15, or 20 extra spins respectively. This feature, combined with the Xtra Reel Power mechanism that provides 1024 ways to win and a 94.85% RTP, makes the game a potentially rewarding option for players looking for a high-quality slot experience.

For those looking to improve their gameplay, it's important to familiarize oneself with the paytables and win mechanics, as well as to consider using the gamble feature for small winnings in order to minimize risk. Additionally, the game's compatibility with various devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers, ensures that players can enjoy the Buffalo slot machine wherever they go.

Overall, the Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat is a timeless classic that continues to captivate players with its exciting gameplay, generous bonus features, and appealing theme. Whether playing for free or for real money, the game offers an enjoyable and potentially lucrative gaming experience for a wide range of players.


Here are the pros of the Buffalo slot machine:

  • Entertaining theme with colorful wild animal symbols
  • Low line bets for low-risk play and potential for big jackpot wins
  • Free spins bonus feature with up to 20 free spins
  • Wide availability across various devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers


Cons of Aristocrat's Buffalo Slot Machine:

  • The RTP (Return to Player) is below the industry standard at 94.85%, which may result in lower returns for players.
  • Despite being a popular game, it is over a decade old and may not have the latest graphics and features compared to newer slot games.
  • Playing with a single reel bet results in higher volatility, which might not be suitable for all players.
  • Free Buffalo slot machine game is only available in a limited number of countries due to gambling restrictions and licensing regulations.
Are there any other slots similar to the free Buffalo casino game by Aristocrat?
Aristocrat has developed a range of games with themes similar to the classic title, including Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Thunder, Bullseye, Legend of the White Buffalo, and Rivers of Buffalo. These games feature modern slot machine mechanisms and will soon be available on FreeslotsHUB.