• Famous Rapper T.I. Sued for Promoting Failed Token

    Another name has been added to the list of celebrity crypto endorsements that have gone sour. Celebrities need to be more responsible when using their reach to promote assets.

  • ConsenSys Acquired an Asteroid Mining Company

    Holy asteroids Batman! Blockchain Software firm, ConsenSys, acquired Planetary Resources Inc - an asteroid mining company. Who would have thought that space and crypto had so much in common?

  • Cryptocurrency and Brazil

    The blockchain and cryptocurrency world has been conflicting in Brazil for the past few years. However, as of January 2018, there have been moves by Brazilian companies to push the country into blockchain adoption.

  • Acting Attorney General Supported an Alleged Scam Tied to Crypto

    Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is in hot water again due to his involvement in the World Patent Marketing’s patent scam. Why is a United States official involving himself in cryptocurrency scams?

  • Understanding Orphaned Blocks

    The world of cryptocurrency mining is highly competitive. Large scale mining operations have spent millions of dollars to add blocks to a blockchain without them being "orphaned", but what are "orphaned" blocks?

  • Prime Minister of Malaysia Considering Digital Fiat

    The Malaysian Prime Minister is hopeful for digital fiat and is supporting Harapan Coin - the Malaysian State-backed cryptocurrency. However, the coin still needs backing from the Malaysian Central Bank.

  • Cryptocurrency is Getting a New Set of Regulations in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong announced plans to regulate virtual assets. There’s a trend among policymakers around the globe to try to regulate the industry. Should the crypto community be wary of them?

  • Cryptocurrency and Greece

    Greece has suffered from an economic crisis since 2009. Since 2010, it has entered three bailout agreements with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the European Stability Mechanism.

  • Azerbaijan’s Central Bank Says No to Cryptocurrency

    Another country voices their concerns about the risky nature of cryptocurrencies and joins Australia, Israel, and Hong Kong in no state-backed cryptocurrency.

  • Komodo Cryptocurrency (KMD) Overview

    Komodo recognizes that without synergy, the crypto industry will never thrive. So they have taken it upon themselves to create a platform where assets can be traded in a decentralized manner - the way crypto was meant to be.

  • A Brazilian Court Has Ruled in Favor of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Two Brazilian banks have been ordered to reopen the account of a cryptocurrency exchange that had been frozen. What does this mean for the future of Crypto in Brazil?

  • Cryptocurrency and Japan

    The Japanese cryptocurrency market is often at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. What is the social view of cryptocurrency, and how do regulators see its future?