• Is Blockchain the Answer? Pros and Cons.

    Blockchain has the power to both disrupt and destroy. When is blockchain right for your organization, and what are some of its limitations?

  • The Basic Attention Token Team Partners with TAP

    A detailed view of the Basic Attention Token development history and the recent partnership between it and the TAP Network.

  • Jamie Dimon Eats his Words, Starts Development of JPM Coin

    Arrogant banking exec Jamie Dimon eats his words on cryptocurrency, as his company begins development of JPMCoin.

  • Interview with district0x

    We sit down and have a chat with Brady McKenna from district0x. We discuss district0x and their vision, regulation in the crypto market, governance models, reputation systems, deep fakes, and more!

  • North Korean Crypto Hacks amount to 2% of their 2017 GDP

    The infamous hacking group Lazarus is thought to be a North Korean, state-sponsored, hacking group. Now, the evidence is pointing to them as being responsible for major hacks in 2017 and 2018.

  • Social Scalability

    Take a deep dive with us as we go into what makes societies operate, and what can be done to make them operate even more efficiently on a larger scale.

  • Cryptocurrencies Utopia

    In 2018, Wyoming took the lead in crypto friendly regulations. Now, in 2019, they're showing that they are not going to lose this lead and will continue to push for reasonable cryptocurrency regulation in the US.

  • PIVX Cryptocurrency Overview

    PIVX aims to be the solution to altcoin market crowding - a deterrent to widespread cryptocurrency adoption. The project is focused on providing fast, stable, private, and secure transactions.

  • Why Most Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Fail.

    There is no doubt that blockchain technology is capable of revolutionizing the way we exchange money and do finance. However, much of this potential remains unrealized. What could be the cause of its failure?

  • Famous Rapper T.I. Sued for Promoting Failed Token

    Another name has been added to the list of celebrity crypto endorsements that have gone sour. Celebrities need to be more responsible when using their reach to promote assets.

  • ConsenSys Acquired an Asteroid Mining Company

    Holy asteroids Batman! Blockchain Software firm, ConsenSys, acquired Planetary Resources Inc - an asteroid mining company. Who would have thought that space and crypto had so much in common?

  • Cryptocurrency and Brazil

    The blockchain and cryptocurrency world has been conflicting in Brazil for the past few years. However, as of January 2018, there have been moves by Brazilian companies to push the country into blockchain adoption.