Who Made Bitcoin? These People Could Have Been Responsible.

Apr 25, 2018   |   by Will Webb   |   Basics & Beyond

Some believe the NSA found out who Satoshi Nakamoto is through stylometry, yet still, no one seems to know his name. It’s absolutely feasible for there to have been up to five people collaborating under this pseudonym, which would make sense for a project of this magnitude, especially one requiring expertise in cryptography, as well as network architecture. If you haven’t heard the name before, you’ve at least heard of “his” work. Satoshi is Bitcoins creator. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency right now, in the sense that many people if asked to name a few digital currencies may only be able to tell you “bitcoin” and might even follow with “there’s more”? There are over 1600 crypto currencies, and this number will only continue to grow. So who might the great and powerful Satoshi Nakamoto really be? For now, we can only speculate on possible candidates.

Who is Nick Szabo?

Szabo is a computer science graduate from The University of Washington. He is most recognized for cryptography, and research in digital contracts/currency. Nick posted a piece expressing interest in bit gold mining soon before Satoshis origin. Researcher Skye Grey supposedly found numerous phrases that could connect Szabo's writing style to Nakamoto's infamous white paper in which the purpose of bitcoin was originally explained. This is interesting, but not enough to lead me to believe that Szabo or any candidate is indeed Satoshi as one individual.

Who is Dorian Prentice?

Birth name Satoshi Nakamoto, Dorian Prentice is a Japanese American man first brought into this debate via Newsweek in 2014. At one point Dorian Prentice was quoted in response to a bitcoin question saying “I am no longer involved in that, and I cannot discuss it. It has been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection”. Dead giveaway right? Well in an interview later on Nakamoto recanted his past statement, saying he’d misinterpreted the reporter's question as being related to his past classified work as a military contractor. Whether or not his birth name is the exact same name being used by Bitcoins creator, we still can’t put the finger on Mr. Prentice.

Who is Hal Finney?

The first person to ever receive bitcoin according to himself, Satoshi sent the cryptography engineer 10 coins as the first transaction. Hal Finney lived only blocks from Dorian Prentice and had supposed correspondence with Nick Szabo. Recently deceased (August 28, 2014) Mr. Finney formerly worked as a developer for PGP Corporation.

Who is Craig Wright?

Australian computer engineer/entrepreneur Craig Wright stated on Twitter in 2016 that he was, in fact, the creator of bitcoin and had the evidence to prove it. Alas after being thoroughly Skepticized Wright retracted this by saying he did not have the courage to prove his identity. In 2015 an anonymous individual sent Gizmodo an email stating that Craig Wright was the creator of bitcoin and that they had worked for him. Credible?

Who is Shinichi Mochizuki?

Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki is known for his work in anabelian geometry. He is the leader, and one of the main contributors to this branch of modern number theory. Ted Nelson speculated Mochizuki as Nakamoto in 2013, but an article in The Age newspaper claimed Shinichi denied the speculations without elaborating.

In Conclusion

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown today. “He” claimed to be born on April 5th 1975, yet no one matches this identity. On April 5th 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 6102 which forbids the hoarding of gold by U.S. citizens, and in 1975, it became legal to own gold again in the U.S. Just a coincidence right?

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Will Webb