Universities Are Now Offering a Growing Number of Crypto Courses

Sep 30, 2018   |   by Marianne White   |   

U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, conducted a survey to study 675 students (ages 16 and up) to gather their thoughts on the increase in popularity for cryptocurrencies. Coinbase also studied the top 50 universities internationally and looked at what classes were available to college students for the Fall 2018 semester. 42% of the top 50 offer at least one crypto or blockchain class, and 22% offer more than one. U.S. takes the lead in terms of the most crypto classes offered, and only two other universities outside of the U.S. offer more than one course; the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and the National University of Singapore.

81% of the courses offered were associated with math and science, and 15% associated with business, economics, finance, and law. Less than 4% of the courses offered were out of the social sciences. However, this will most likely change in the near future. Of the students surveyed, 47% of the social science majors were interested in learning more about cryptocurrency which was more than the 34% of the computer science and engineering majors. We can see the popularity growing. In the U.S.alone, 9% have already taken a cryptocurrency class and 26% said they would be interested in taking one.

It can be deduced by these surveys that college students are interested in cryptocurrency, especially in the U.S. So much so that 18% of U.S. college students actually own cryptocurrency. Students majoring in the fields of medicine, and computer science were the likeliest to own the crypto coins.

Marianne White