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SALT Project Overview

SALT is disrupting the world of lending by removing unnecessary middlemen and replacing them with smart contracts and blockchains that will improve the way that we lend money.

by Aidan Coia  |  Aug 02, 2018
DogeCoin: The Joke that Became a Popular Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin started off as a joke cryptocurrency, but people underestimate the power of meme. It has survived several setbacks, but continues to thrive in the cryptocurrency space.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Jul 25, 2018
Token Review: Golem (GNT)

Have you ever played a game or watched a movie and found that your computer was too slow to process the data? What if, for a small fee, you could rent the computer power of someone else?

by Aidan Coia  |  Jul 17, 2018
This cryptocurrency team is making the exchange of cryptocurrencies more secure.

Technology expert Gregory Cheng explains how Loopring supports the decentralization of cryptocurrency exchanges.

by Gregory Chang  |  Jun 11, 2018