The Basic Attention Token Team Partners with TAP

Apr 14, 2019   |   by Jamesa Brown   |   

The Basic Attention Token development team's diagnosis is simple: “Digital advertising is broken.” This statement was the beginning of the opened door between blockchain technology and online advertisers and publishers. For some, the currency seems too volatile for usage in the way that it aims to give advertisers, publishers, and viewers. For others, it seems to be gaining popularity and seems to be an excellent tool for future usage.

A Short History of BAT and Brave

BAT was first presented to the world in March of 2017. Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript, is the creative visionary and founder of this token. It is, and has been since its concept, a decentralized currency that originated from an ERC20 token. BAT survives on the idea of a triangular exchange between the viewer, the advertiser, and the publisher.

The privately monitored viewer’s attention to advertisements allows the viewer to earn a specific number of BATs to use for a variety of purchases through the Brave Browser. As the viewer earns BATs, behind the scenes, advertisers and publishers gain more insight into how the viewer considers the products that are displayed to him or her. The advertisers also achieve a higher return on their investments (ROI), a better chance at targeting specific demographics, and a reduced chance of fraudulent views through this process.

For all of this to happen, the Brave Browser is necessary. Brave is an ad-blocking browser that was specifically designed by the BAT development team with both the browser and the token in mind. It is open-source and manages to not only block all types of intrusive ads, but it also displays the number of ads that it blocks on its opening screen in the same way that the current version of AdBlock does.

Advancements in BAT

When the BAT platform was first announced online, those who supported it did so in large numbers. According to information on Coin Central concerning the platform, in May, token sales were prosperous: $35 million in less than 30 seconds. The other milestones that the team managed to achieve were the creation of a BAT wallet that was integrated into Brave, creative and effective advertising of BAT YouTube and Twitch accounts, and fine-tuning the system that allows its users the option to view advertisements for financial compensation.

Currently, the BAT developers have around three million active monthly supporters and over eighteen thousand publishers in the developers’ system. Along with Eich, other prominent figureheads for BAT, including the founder of Zcash, Zooko Wilcox, have boosted the credibility of this product in the cryptocurrency world just by tweeting updates to their followers and appearing in articles that prove their clout and intelligence in blockchain technology and other computer-related sciences. In short, before the BAT team’s most recent partnership with TAP, every aspect of this project and its products appear to be in place.

The TAP Partnership

In March 2019, after two years of success, the developers and founder of BAT and Brave teamed up with the TAP Network. This network is linked to the TAP Coin, another decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to reach publishers and advertisers as an alternate way of reaching viewers.

One may wonder, how did supporters of both TAP and BAT react to this news? Thanks to the cryptocurrency thread on Reddit, r/cryptocurrency, we can glean from over two hundred comments that many people are hopeful about the future success that this partnership may bring to both teams.

An example, one of the top voted users wrote on the day of the announcement that one implication of this partnership is the ability to be able to pay for hotel rooms, alcoholic drinks, and travel ticket costs using the combined efforts of BAT and TAP. In a reply to the first user, another user imagines that YouTubers might be able to pay for all of the things that were mentioned by the first user because they may openly support the platforms more among their followers.


The backgrounds of the Basic Attention Token, Brave, and the TAP Network all may lead to success in every upcoming milestone that the decentralized world can hope for with new products in tow. The Hilton Hotel chain has also recently become one supporter by accepting BAT for hotel rooms, according to the Crypto Briefing writer Paddy Baker. So far, there is endless support for this team in the decentralized world.

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Jamesa Brown