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Cryptocurrency and Japan

The Japanese cryptocurrency market is often at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. What is the social view of cryptocurrency, and how do regulators see its future?

by Jamesa Brown  |  Jan 12, 2019
Support: A Fundamental Aspect of the Crypto Markets

What is the invisible hand that catches markets during a freefall? Here, we talk about the concept of support, and why it is so important.

by Emmanuel Lai  |  Jan 10, 2019
A City in Washington Banned Cryptocurrency Mining Due to Excessive Electricity Consumption

Miners comb the world for places with cheap electricity in order to exploit the low prices for their power heavy rigs. A town in Washington state has decided enough is enough.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Nov 07, 2018
Cryptocurrencies Largest Mining Pools

Mining cryptocurrencies can be a profitable venture if it is accomplished with low risk. These mining pools have found the perfect balance between risk and reward and have grown to dominate the crypto mining industry.

by Jamesa Brown  |  Nov 06, 2018
Chinese Court Ruled that Bitcoin is Property

A Chinese court ruled that bitcoin is considered property, but the country is still lacking when it comes to regulating this new digital asset. What are the implications of this hearing?

by Marianne White  |  Nov 05, 2018
Japan is Trusting the Cryptocurrency Industry to Regulate Itself

Japan decided to grant the cryptocurrency industry all legal power when it comes to its regulation. Can the industry gain the world’s trust or will it destroy itself?

by Hermione Daguin  |  Nov 04, 2018
Kenya Aims to Transform its Housing Project with the Help of Blockchain Technology

The Kenyan government wants to use blockchain technology in its new housing project. Can blockchain truly help them earn the citizens’ trust?

by Hermione Daguin  |  Nov 02, 2018
Civic Token (CVC) Overview

In the Civic ecosystem, the user is in complete control of their information, which, when validated, can be selectively shared with service providers to the user’s needs.

by Aidan Coia  |  Nov 01, 2018
Ethereum's Hard Fork Launching Soon

Issues in late 2018 forced Ethereum's upgrade to be delayed. Their new deadline estimates that they will be able to release the upgrade for early 2019. Will it live up to the hype?

by Marianne White  |  Oct 31, 2018
51% Attacks

The blockchain has been thought to be impenetrable by many, but past events have shown that it does have a kryptonite. Lets explore the rise of 51% attacks.

by Jamesa Brown  |  Oct 30, 2018
Global Money Laundering Monitor to Establish Crypto Guidelines

Cryptocurrencies have been driving nation states wild. Particularly when it comes to regulation. The Financial Action Task Force of Paris has decided that something needs to be done.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Oct 29, 2018
Russian Digital Currency Bill Lacks Crypto Terms

Nation states have have struggled to regulate cryptocurrencies, but to outright ignore them and pretend that they don't exist is both short-sighted and naive.

by Marianne White  |  Oct 28, 2018
NEM (XEM) Project Overview

Offering both public and private enterprise blockchain solutions, and boasting incredible functionality, NEM is positioning itself as a one-stop shop for anyone building a blockchain.

by Tianyu Wu  |  Oct 26, 2018
+ CEO Roger Ver Considers Making a Crypto Exchange CEO Roger Ver considers launching his own exchange to boost favored cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

by Marianne White  |  Oct 25, 2018
Google Takes a Jab at Cryptocurrency in New Pixel Ad

Google decided to make fun of cryptocurrency advocates during their new ad promoting the new Google Pixel phone.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Oct 24, 2018
Journalism and Cryptocurrency

A journalist at the Wall Street Journal decided it was time that he truly understood the nitty gritty of this emerging industry. In his pursuit he created WSJCoin, but it was quickly shutdown.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Oct 23, 2018
Can it Scale?

Crypto projects have been plagued by one of the key venture capital questions, "Can it scale"? Read about the problem and learn about the potential solutions.

by Jamesa Brown  |  Oct 22, 2018
Delayed Proof-of-Work

This concept can equip any blockchain with the security of Bitcoin’s monumental PoW hashpower, but the energy efficiency of a Proof of Stake coin.

by William Glynn  |  Oct 21, 2018
Dependence on Cryptocurrencies in Iran

US Sanctions have forced many countries to experiment with cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange. Is this where the next wave in adoption will come from?

by Jamesa Brown  |  Oct 19, 2018
GoChain Cryptocurrency Review

Cryptocurrencies are inefficient, which is why GoChain decided to step in and lead the way to fast and energy efficient transactions. Early results from their testnet are already showing positive signals.

by Michael Mannen  |  Oct 18, 2018