My Journey as a Writer

Sep 25, 2018   |   by Avery Angelman   |   Thought Leaders & More

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a knack for creative writing. From fictional stories about puppies to articles about cryptocurrency, I’ve had quite an expansive journey as a writer over the past two decades.

The earliest memory I have of writing was in my kindergarten class. Even as a child, I had an advanced talent for spelling and grammar. I liked to write short stories and draw pictures to go along with it. Being five-years-old, they were mostly about dogs and probably full of plot holes. I remember my kindergarten teacher would have me share my stories to the class during Circle Time, so she could have a short break.

In my preteen and teenage years, I began to experiment with poetry. I entered one poem I wrote in a contest I’d found online. I won, and as a prize, my poem was published in their poetry collection book. I’m still not sure if it was actually a scam or not, but having a physical published copy of my poem was definitely something special.

My imagination continued to flourish as I got older. I wrote numerous novels in my spare time, none of which were ever published (though not for lack of trying). When I wasn’t actively writing, I was still drawing and coming up with new fictional character ideas with friends. I also offered an editing service for people interested in publishing their own stories. I would mostly edit for spelling and grammar errors to make it feel more polished. I am the credited co-author/editor of a self-published novel on Amazon titled, The Teach.

I originally returned to school for creative writing. While I enjoyed the classes I took for this degree path, I realized that my interest leaned more towards copywriting and editing. I changed my major to professional writing and most of the related classes I’ve taken have been interesting. As with any degree, there were so many more subtopics to professional writing than I knew of when I had first started.

In my senior year, we were required to take an internship “class.” This basically granted us credit hours while having a real-world experience related to professional writing. I had no idea where to start, but I found an internship ad for content writing and I applied. I was contacted for a phone interview, and when I was told about the startup and what kind of content I would be researching and writing for, I had no idea what it was. Something about currency and an online website?

Looking back on it now, I can’t help but laugh. My internship with Garden of Crypto definitely delivered a real-world experience in what it’s like to write articles. “Surely it won’t take me long to research and write an article or two,” I had thought. Oh, how naïve I was. Researching for hours to write about a topic you barely understand is one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do for a job. I don’t know how seasoned content writers are able to pump out articles every day. I struggled with writing just two articles a week!

Despite the challenge, I learned so much about cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as just working on a team in general. While I was mostly independent when writing my articles, there was always a team of people working in the background to help the website grow. We all worked together on different projects and were always kept up-to-date with an online database and messaging system. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I had to work on helping this startup website grow.

With my graduation coming up in December, my journey as a writer will be starting a new chapter. I’ve come far from where I began, but I’m just getting warmed up for what my future has to offer!

Avery Angelman