HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone

Sep 24, 2018   |   by Jamesa Brown   |   Current Events
Why Should You Be Interested In This Phone?

The High Tech Computer corporation (HTC) appeared in global tech website headlines in June 2018 by announcing that it will sell the first blockchain-powered smartphone. The company informs public news outlets that the smartphone will allow its users to access a built-in digital wallet application that is connected to CryptoKitties, a game in which users breed and trade digital kitties through the use of Ethereum-based smart contracts. This application enables the user to securely store and use current as well as up and coming cryptocurrencies in daily transactions.

It has been on the industrial mobile table since January 2018, and Phil Chen, the chief crypto officer of HTC, has reported that the smartphone has already received “tens of thousands” of reservations globally since it was announced in May of the same year. It is rumored by HTC to also likely act as a mining rig for users who desire to earn new tokens in the future.

Public Opinion

Since the announcement in May, many tech savvy smartphone users and those who have remained uninvolved in cryptocurrency have taken to voicing their opinions in forums and the comment sections of articles about the phone on The Verge and Tech Crunch. Some people question whether the phone is just an attempt by HTC to gain more relevancy in the current cryptocurrency-fascinated world since it has nearly taken over the intrigue that smartphones once held. Others consider the development of the phone to be a waste of money. The information regarding much of the phone’s usability is still a mystery that is rumored to be revealed to users by the end of HTC’s third quarter of 2018.

Jamesa Brown