GoChain Cryptocurrency Review

Oct 18, 2018   |   by Michael Mannen   |   Tokens & Coins

GoChain markets itself as a better, faster, and stronger blockchain. And it appears to be living up to the hype. It is 100% Ethereum compatible and 100X faster and more green than other Crypto Assets (including Ethereum). GoChain’s goal is to revolutionize cryptocurrency transactions and to provide a better, smarter blockchain contract for its current and future users by focusing on creating an outstanding application and environment for development of the Ethereum blockchain. This will ultimately help to improve the Ethereum blockchain and help all Ethereum users. GoChain is quickly separating itself away from the pack of other blockchains and could become one of the most decentralized currencies in the future. It is definitely a cryptocurrency to keep your eyes on.


GoChain chiefly operates as a cryptocurrency that supports smart contracts and transactions in a more efficient manner than Ethereum. Its App Platform allows it to differentiate what type of contracts it executes. GoChain’s technology allows it to support high transaction volumes with fast verifications and its testnet has reached 1300 transactions per second; 100x more transactions per second than Ethereum. GoChain’s unique mining and technology application forces nodes to be in different countries, making it even more decentralized than its competitors. This is a unique feature and it creates inclusivity in the cryptocurrency markets because currently 70% of mining takes place in China and most of it is done by only a few crypto companies.

The energy saving component is the most fascinating part of the GoChain application and probably its biggest edge. A significant amount of energy is expended in mining crypto assets for transactions. Because of the energy efficiency GoChain implements, it could substantially reduce the energy required to run smart contract applications. This green aspect of GoChain is definitely welcomed and inline with much of the energy efficiency promotion that is going on in all industries across corporate America. As users, developers, and investors look for Green alternatives in the cryptocurrency space, GoChain is definitely poised to lead the way


GoChain is run by its CEO Jason Dekker who used to be a hedge fund manager and investor. This is a good sign that the company has the right people to make sure the currency and its technology performs well into the future and that it adds more value to the cryptocurrency space. What’s more, Gochain’s partners, investors, and advisors include many sophisticated investors and industry experts that would add value to any cryptocurrency organization. It is loaded with advisors that have worked for companies such as Oracle and other high profile tech companies and that have extensive experience in the cloud computing area. These advisors are definitely an asset for the company.

The Current State

Gochain sees a decent amount of volume and daily activity. The GoChain twitter account has over 6,000 followers and they are also active on reddit. Its twitter account is regularly updated and has received good feedback from followers. This is a good sign that those that are following GoChain are actively engaged and care about its success, and it provides free advertisement for them. Gochain also has an active Github account with over 20 repositories of code. Moreover, the GoChain Wallet has its own GitHub page and its own following of users. GoChain seems to have a strong following and user base in the cryptocurrency community. This will be an asset for GoChain moving forward.

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Michael Mannen