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Coinbase Teases New Coin Listing Policy

With only 5 coins, Coinbase is an exchange powerhouse. Now they're looking to solidify their position further by adding more coins to their platform. Which coins would you like to see added?

by Vern Napolitano  |  Oct 05, 2018
Overstock’s Medici Ventures Launches Bitsy Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange

Overstock has been a long time fan of crypto. Now, they're digging in even deeper by launching their very own digital wallet service (through a portfolio company).

by Vern Napolitano  |  Oct 04, 2018
Football Club, Paris Saint Germain, is Launching a Cryptocurrency

What do cryptocurrencies have to do with sports? Football club Paris Saint Germain thinks a lot, and they're getting ready to join the crypto party by launching their very own coin.

by Hermione Daguin  |  Oct 03, 2018
Robinhood Accused of Selling Customers’ Order Flow

Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich? It looks like Robinhood has gotten their priorities reversed. How can we make sure that the exchanges we trade on aren't taking advantage of us?

by Vern Napolitano  |  Oct 02, 2018
Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked: 6.7 Billion Yen in Losses

Mt. Gox, Coincheck, and now Zaif. Another Japanese crypto exchange is hacked. How will this impact the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Japan moving forward?

by Marianne White  |  Oct 01, 2018
HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone

HTC has taken a leap of confidence in the blockchain space and have decided to make the worlds very first blockchain phone. What kind of features will such a phone have?

by Jamesa Brown  |  Sep 24, 2018
U.S. Poll Shows 8% of Americans Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary way to transact with each other and the attention that they are getting has shown that it is here to stay. Don't be one of the last ones in!

by Marianne White  |  Sep 21, 2018
India’s Central Bank Forms New Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Research Unit

Blockchain has made waves and nation states can no longer ignore it. India is taking a step in the right direction by creating a research unit to understand what this new technology is.

by Marianne White  |  Sep 19, 2018
Venezuela Linked its Currency to the Petro Coin

Venezuela is getting desperate in its fight against hyper-inflation and has taken a bold move by linking the Bolivar to their newly minted Petro Coin. Is this the solution they've been searching for?

by Marianne White  |  Sep 18, 2018
Cryptocurrency is Heading to Court in India

The second most populous country in the world is currently determining the fate of cryptocurrencies for 1.3 billion people. What are the arguments for and against cryptocurrencies?

by Hermione Daguin  |  Sep 17, 2018
Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Gift Cards

A major criticism against cryptocurrencies is that there's no way to spend them. Coinbase decided to tackle this issue by creating a simple way for anyone to easily spend cryptocurrencies.

by Marianne White  |  Sep 16, 2018
Coinbase Explores a Cryptocurrency ETF with Wall Street

A new participant has just entered the race to a cryptocurrency ETF. Coinbase is undoubtedly one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, but can it compete with Wall Street?

by Vern Napolitano  |  Sep 13, 2018
Defense Distributed’s Appeal to Cryptocurrency

Defense Distributed believes that cryptocurrencies and fire arms have an inherent similarity. Do they? Or are they trying to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon?

by Vern Napolitano  |  Sep 12, 2018
Las Vegas’ First Cryptocurrency Nightclub

Every industry is looking for ways to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry. We don't know where its all heading, but we do know that things are getting MORE interesting in this Las Vegas Nightclub.

by Marianne White  |  Sep 11, 2018
Wolf of Wall Street Astounded by Bitcoin Price Increase - Denounces it as Merely a “Scam”

It looks like the Wolf of Wall Street lost his sharp senses while in prison. Now he's yapping away at Bitcoin and it's issues. Do his arguments have any merit? Or is he once again looking for attention?

by Marianne White  |  Sep 10, 2018
UBS and JPMorgan Chase Criticize Cryptocurrency

It's no secret that banks don't like cryptocurrencies. After all, cryptocurrencies were made in an effort to get rid of the "too-big-to-fail" banks by making each individual their own personal bank.

by Vern Napolitano  |  Sep 10, 2018
Voyager Launches a New No-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from and picking the right one is difficult. Let this new exchange guide you on your voyage through the crypto world.

by Vern Napolitano  |  Sep 08, 2018
AT&T Sued for $224 Million over Cryptocurrency Theft

This story really illustrates how important it is to protect your cryptocurrencies as best you can. Find out how far some people are willing to go to steal your crypto.

by Vern Napolitano  |  Sep 04, 2018
Opera Becomes First Browser to Include a Native Crypto Wallet

Opera is making it as simple as possible for cryptocurrencies to be sent from one person (or connected device) to another. They have recently become the first company to include a crypto wallet in a web browser.

by Marianne White  |  Sep 03, 2018
South Korean Police Raid Firm Whose Crypto Scam Promised Shipwrecked Gold

The Dread Pirate Roberts isn't the only one promising gold in the crypto world. Careful not to fall prey to pirate lore of lost treasures like these folk did.

by Marianne White  |  Sep 01, 2018