Crypto: A Young Person’s Game

Aug 14, 2018   |   by Max Villagomez   |   Thought Leaders & More

Experts who have years of experience and knowledge surrounding investments traditionally dominate the financial world and exclude those who have little to no experience. Cryptocurrencies have had trouble earning credibility and validity from these financial experts due to their arbitrary existence. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies have still been able to change the financial world by allowing anyone with access to the internet the ability to easily invest in networks. This charge is being led by young people who have started to invest their earnings towards cryptocurrencies after seeing the value of cryptocurrencies rise. The mindset for investing in cryptocurrencies is different for younger people because younger people are more willing to accept and adapt to new technology.

Cryptocurrency has become a way to earn easy money and more young users are attracted to this idea. If done correctly, investing can pay off and build to the equivalent of working wages. What's more, in a world where economic crises continuously occur, cryptocurrencies offer an intangible alternative to traditional money. In South Korea, younger people have started to put their earnings towards buying cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. At one point, the country was the main contributor to Ethereum transactions.

Investing is not limited to purchasing cryptocurrencies. Young people also spend their resources and time on mining. Anyone can become a miner, but it does require resources and the proper equipment to start mining. Mining is what keeps these networks alive, so users who can commit their time and resources receive newly minted cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of online resources that will help users understand and know what is needed for mining and it turns out that younger generations are the most interested in seeking out this information.

Cryptocurrencies have an appeal that attracts people to invest in them and this appeal has been furthered by the enormous price increase they have seen in recent years. New technology has also helped make investing in cryptocurrencies easier and in some cases it can be as simple as downloading an app and inputting some information. Despite this, the future of cryptocurrencies is unknown (as is any market) and it entirely relies on its network of users to keep it going. Older people are generally cautious of the volatile nature and refuse to partake and invest, but the younger generations have adapted to an ever-evolving technological world and have less risk to bear which is why they think investing in cryptocurrencies is the next big opportunity to earn money.

Max Villagomez