Adopt a Venezuelan Family: Using Blockchain for Good.

Apr 30, 2019   |   by Emmanuel Lai   |   Current Events, Thought Leaders & More

The Dire Reality of Socialism

Ruin. Starvation. Illness. Even death.

To us, this may sound like the plot setting for a dystopian film or novel. However, this is because we are fortunate to live in countries that promote life, liberty and property.

To a Venezuelan, this is the grim reality in which they live in. Power shortages, food scarcity, and lack of healthcare has become the norm under Maduro. While the corrupt politicians play their political games, it is the people that are ultimately left to suffer.

Just how bad is the Venezuela situation?

Venezuela is an incredibly resource rich nation. It is a member of OPEC, an international consortium of oil-exporting nations. As of 2019, Venezuela boasts oil reserves of over 250 billion. In April 9, 2019, the cost of a barrel of oil came out to almost 64 dollars.

That's over 16 trillion dollars in total value.

However, Venezuelan oil production is taking a huge hit. The oil industry is very technically complex - and severe shortages have resulted in skilled workers fleeing to other countries. This further exacerbates the cycle of decay and disrepair that is leading the country into ruin.

Caracas, once considered a crown jewel of South America, was a booming metropolis. It was a hub of entertainment, culture, and economic activity, very much akin to New York City. Luxurious high-rise apartments lined the skylines of the Latin-American metropolis.

Today, Caracas is in disrepair. Extreme poverty has forced families to squat in abandoned buildings. Many skyscrapers, once home to booming businesses, now lie empty. If you thought Detroit and Camden were dangerous cities, Caracas has clearly slipped your mind. The murder rate in Caracas is greater than both Detroit and Camden combined.

The socialist stupidity of the Venezuelan government has claimed countless lives, and nobody is being held accountable. This is not a issue of liberal versus conservative. Nor is it meant to be a clash between Democrat and Republican. Rather, I am here today to raise awareness between right and wrong.

Blockchain as a Solution

Venezuela has made it incredibly difficult to send money to the country. It has completely quashed freedom of trade, threatening jail time to those who trade bolivars for US dollars. Maduro's regime has alienated numerous countries across the world, making it difficult for citizens to get their basic necessities and make a living.

Fortunately, blockchain offers a solution.

Blockchain allows users to transact with anyone across the world,with minimal fees, independent of governmental restrictions. A Bitcoin transaction cannot be stopped, even by the draconian politicians of Venezuela. I believe, by sending money to Venezuela through Bitcoin, we can make a difference in the lives of the oppressed.

Want to Adopt a Venezuelan Today? Learn more (hint: we pay 100%).

Would you like to adopt a Venezuelan family?

Garden of Crypto is running an essay contest, where the top 3 winners will be able to adopt a family in their name.

The average monthly wage in Venezuela is $6.70, due to hyperinflation. We will be selecting three Venezuelan families, to sponsor.

For the winner of the essay contest, we will sponsor a family in their name for three months' wages. For the second place, we will sponsor a family for two months, and for the third place, one month. If you wish to stay anonymous, that is an option as well, just let us know.

Essays should be at least 750 words. Although you are free to pick your own topics, here area list of potential ideas:

  • How does cryptocurrency create new economies?
  • Your thoughts on Socialism/Capitalism/Venezuelan Situation
  • How are Venezuelans using Bitcoin to Survive?
  • Potential use cases for blockchain for charitable causes.
  • Philosophy of Bitcoin
  • What economic policies can prevent another Venezuela fiasco?
  • Where do you see crypto going in 20 years?

Submit your essays here:

Any questions about the project can be sent to us through our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more updates about the families we will be selecting for sponsorship!

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